Bombardier launches advanced document management application


Company pushes the concept of a paperless cockpit with the introduction of the Bombardier Flight Deck app

Bombardier is pushing the concept of the paperless
cockpit with the introduction of the Bombardier
Flight Deck app, an advanced document management solution that
allows pilots of its business jets to carry and manage their flight information
on an Apple iPad.

Updates to all Bombardier flight manual revisions,
including temporary revisions, are received and implemented at the push of a
button. The system uses advanced encryption technology, thereby ensuring the
necessary FAA, EASA and Transport Canada audit trail for paperless
operations. In addition, the application provides the unique ability for flight
departments to independently manage and distribute their own documentation to
any Bombardier flight deck enabled iPad in their fleet.

“This is a major step up for our business aircraft
pilots and operators. Not only will the Bombardier
Flight Deck app make it easier and more efficient to keep
critical documentation up-to-date, it will significantly improve operational
safety and regulatory compliance,” said Andy Nureddin, vice president, Customer
Services & Support, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “We are continually pushing
the envelope on technology innovation to provide our operators with
cutting-edge aftermarket solutions.”

The Bombardier
Flight Deck app is part of the company’s ongoing drive to
leverage tools such as iPads to provide flight crews with a paperless cockpit
environment. Bombardier has several iPad applications in various stages of
development as part of a broader focus on providing customers with solutions
that meet their mobile technology needs.

The Bombardier
Flight Deck app is offered via subscription license through the
Bombardier technical publications team and will be available to Challenger and Global aircraft operators starting in
June 2012, followed by Learjet aircraft
operators later in the year.