Bolen issues statement about user fees


NBAA not buying White House defense of user fees

NBAA president and CEO Ed
Bolen issued a statement in response to a signal of renewed support from
the Obama White House for per-flight user fees for general aviation. A White
House staff person sent the message defending the Administration’s position on
user fees in response to a petition calling on the president to reconsider his
support for user fees. The message was sent to all signatories to the petition.

“The general aviation
community has responded in a proactive and responsible way with regard to
funding our nation’s air transportation system.”

“But, with its response
to the industry’s unified and well-founded concerns over user fees for general
aviation, the Obama Administration has made clear its intention to ignore the
fact that fuel taxes are a proven, efficient, fair and environmentally friendly
way to charge for the industry’s use of the aviation system. Instead, the White
House intends to set aside the industry’s concerns by pushing ahead with an
administratively burdensome, bureaucracy-building, foreign-style user fee
scheme that has very little to do with actual costs imposed on the system.”

“Unfortunately, it
appears the White House will continue supporting its position on user fees by
promoting the tired rhetoric that disparages general aviation, when it should
instead be promoting the industry, and the jobs, exports and economic
development it generates.”

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