Bluetail partners with AeroAngel


Aircraft records platform, Bluetail has partnered with AeroAngel to help families of seriously ill children.

AeroAngel is a national aviation charity that has been operating for over 14 years. It focuses on providing free private jet flights to seriously ill children, and their families, who need to travel for medical care. This is especially important when commercial airline travel isn’t safe for the child or the child has critical care needs.

“At Bluetail, community is key,” said Stuart Illian, chief operating officer and Co-founder of Bluetail. “We’re thrilled to be teamed with an organisation that shares our value of giving back to the community, and has such an incredible mission — helping children in need when it matters most.

“We’re looking forward to being of service, encouraging our customers to join their flight donor network, and working closely with AeroAngel to help them reach their goals.”

AeroAngel has flown dozens of coast-to-coast flights to date, and given more than 350 children access to specialised medical care.

Mark Pestal, executive director and founder of AeroAngel said: “Helping children is our number one priority, and with partners like Bluetail, we’ve been able to give many families hope. Our partners and volunteers are such a big part of what we do, and we’re very excited to have Bluetail on our side.”