Biggin Hill and the Olympics connection


Biggin Hill Airport has connections to the Olympic stadium

Geneva last week, Biggin Hill
Airport showcased what
the airport had to offer business aviation operators during and after the
London Olympics.

The airport
along with the resident FBOs are working together to offer a seemless travel
experience during the Olympics.

there was a plan to use helicopters to fly passengers to Ebbsfleet but this
proved to be unworkable, so another plan will be implemented. The airport and
FBOs will use luxury cars to drive to Ebbsfleet and then connect to the special
rail services direct to Stratford International station, which is a short walk
from the Olympic Stadium.

In theory,
the journey from airport to stadium should take 30 minutes but being realistic,
a journey time of an hour should be possible, given traffic delays and crowds
travelling to the venue. The airport is actually only 13 miles to the stadium
as the crow flies; you can see places of interest in London
on a clear day from the airport, the London Eye, the new Wembley Stadium and Canary Wharf.

to Ebbsfleet is not the only option visitors have; you can fly a helicopter
into the London Heliport at Battersea from Biggin Hill or take a luxury car to
anywhere in London
or nearby. Many visitors will stay in London so will travel to their
accommodation, house or hotel before going to the stadium, all of these options
are available and onward travel from the airport can arranged in advance.

The airport
has been allocated 21 slots per hour between 21st July and 15th
August 2012, with no more than 12 in one direction per hour.

Biggin Hill
is capable of handling aircraft up to Boeing Business Jet or Airbus Corporate
Jet size and will have ample parking space for any aircraft wishing to stay
during the games. The airport also will cater for any aircraft wishing to ‘Stop
and Go’ during the games.

The airport
offer their own executive aviation handling services but there are two very
well known FBOs at Biggin Hill, Rizon Jet and Jet Aviation Biggin Hill both are
more than happy to assist VIP passengers with their travel during the games.

Biggin Hill
Airport, Rizon Jet and Jet Aviation Biggin
Hill are looking forward to the challenge of the 2012 London Olympics and are
looking forward in welcoming all visitors to the airport during the games.