Bernhard Wipfler joins LaudaMotion Executive


Bernard Wipfler

28 May 2020 – Bernhard Wipfler joined Sparfell Aviation Group on the 18 May as the Managing Director of LaudaMotion Executive GmbH, Sparfell’s Austrian AOC. Through its AOC, Sparfell is operating a fleet of Learjets, Challengers, Globals and Gulfstreams 650ER, providing tailor-made experiences to the highest safety standards according to international regulations.

Sparfell is delighted to have such a seasoned professional back on board to support the development of the group’s air operations division. With his 15 years of experience in the business aviation industry, he is a great new addition to the Sparfell team, as he has been in the past. Between 2006 and 2013, he contributed appreciably to the aviation group working as LaudaMotion Executive GmbH Chief Marketing & Sales Officer.

Bernhard is an aviation professional who shares the group’s values of passion, loyalty, expertise and family spirit; values that are not all-to-common in the aviation industry. The strong family spirit is paralleled by the spirit of Niki Lauda – the Esprit Lauda – defined by the strive for the highest standards of safety and the front-line expertise in automotive and aeronautical engineering.

“We are enchanted to welcome back Bernhard in the family! His fresh, ethical and dynamic vision will perfectly fit into the Sparfell and Lauda spirit and he will be a strong asset for the group’s development.” says Sparfell’s CEO Edward Queffelec.

Bernhard has also expressed his anticipation to join Sparfell Aviation Group and he is looking forward to the future collaboration: “I am very proud to join Sparfell and I am thrilled to work with the LaudaMotion Executive team again. I was impressed by the history of the Queffelec family in aviation and I share their commitment to excellence. The Sparfell brand and the associated values, the operational know-how of LaudaMotion Executive and especially the dedication to service of the entire team is a unique combination for our clients. I look forward to actively contributing to the group’s overall success.”