AvanteFly app ‘to reduce illegal charter’


AvanteFly CEO, Bria Okonkwo has said the firm’s recently launched mobile app will reduce the influence of charter brokers accused of profiting from illegal operations.

Okonkwo’s comments come in the wake of complaints by some Nigerian private charter operators who say “they have been ripped-off by the middle-man” . These are brokers who often hire aircraft without AOCs for charter operations, which takes away business from regulated operators who pay a 5% Ticket Sales Charge to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Okonkwo said: “I want you to think of an analogy, like 20 years ago, how did you send information to someone in the US? You used the post office, but don’t use that now. Instead you send a WhatsApp message. Now we are in the tech age whether you like it or not.

“You do not need a broker to get a private jet, you go online today and click private jets. You see a list of companies, order a jet, pay online and your jet is right there,” she added.

AvanteFly’s mobile app is the first African real-time aviation mobile application that uses current data, distance, and time to automate private air charter bookings and payments. The firm said this takes away the avoidable delay of a manual quote, and the lack of visibility in booking fees typical of the private aviation industry in Africa.