ARGUS Unmanned and USAIG Provide UAS Policyholders with Comprehensive Safety Packages


New York, NY (March 20, 2018)…Through USAIG’s Performance Vector Unmanned program, ARGUS Unmanned and USAIG are placing the industry’s leading safety solutions in the hands of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) policyholders.

The ARGUS Unmanned and USAIG relationship presents a comprehensive approach to UAS safety management, helping operators to comply with regulations and mitigate risk as the UAS industry continues to rapidly grow and diversify in its capabilities.

UAS operations encounter hazards every day, simply due to the nature of the operating environment. Performance Vector Unmanned offers a suite of products designed to diminish the risks organizations and employees face while performing their jobs, so they can focus on operating safely.

Three industry-leading elements are united to form a comprehensive resource. UAS operator training courses and templates for codifying vital organizational policies and procedures are supplied by the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) – the industry’s most widely recognized leader in UAS flight safety training and certification.

UAS safety management tools are provided from the industry-leading PRISM ARMOR suite of aviation SMS solutions. Finally, a framework of safety and operational standards is integrated from on-site safety audit leader ARGUS. These components work together to help create a competent and responsible operator base for commercial UAS operations.

“We constantly seek new ways to help strengthen our clients’ existing safety programs,” says Paul Ratté, USAIG’s director of aviation safety programs. “This initiative provides tools to foster standardization and operational control in any UAS operation. Those tried and true concepts, so well-proven in manned aviation, must be adapted and woven into unmanned operations in order for UAS to function safely, and in turn, earn the trust and acceptance needed for the industry to thrive. We’re proud to help our policyholders lead the way in that regard.”

“We are happy to collaborate with USAIG to further expand unmanned offerings to USAIG policyholders,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS CEO and Founder. “With the influx of unmanned aircraft systems, fostering an accessible safety culture for the UAS industry is critical. Through our partnership with USAIG, we are proud to offer UAS operators insured by USAIG the SMS tools, documentation and training and certification needed to create a strong safety foundation.”

The evolving set of resources available through Performance Vector Unmanned boosts the safety and compliance of USAIG-insured UAS operators. Underscoring USAIG’s long-term commitment to safety, the Performance Vector Unmanned benefit refreshes with each insurance policy renewal. Operators are encouraged to review the offers frequently and share any suggestions for needed services. Performance Vector Unmanned options will grow and advance in step with the needs of the dynamic UAS industry.