Argus TRAQPak: Global flight activity up 44.7%


Global flight activity was up year-over-year in July by 44.7% according to the first ever global TRAQPak report by Argus International. The month recorded a TRAQPak database record of 305,136 business aviation flights, which was 43,100 more than July 2019 and 94,329 more than July 2020.

Fractional activity continues to post the strongest gains, up 50.2% from July 2020. Whilst Part 135 activity followed with a 47.5% increase, and Part 91 reported a 40.8% yearly increase. Part 135 activity shattered its previous record month (June 2021) finishing 8.2% better after recording 124,118 flights for the month.

Large cabin aircraft saw a yearly gain of 66.3%, the largest of all aircraft categories. Mid-size jets followed with an increase of 55.7%, while light jets finished 41.7% better than July 2020. The turboprop market reported a 30.3% uptick in activity. The Part 135 large jet segment recorded the largest individual increase, up 79.7% from July 2020.

July business aviation flight activity posted an expected month-over-month increase to finish up 5% from June 2021.

Looking at the FAA regional activity, the New England region benefitted from summer weather to record the largest monthly increase in departures with a 25.5% gain in activity over June. The largest monthly decrease was in the southern region with a 10.1% decline in departure activity.

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