ARC Horizon for Relentless


Bell 525 Relentless helicopter will be equipped with ARC Horizon flight deck

The new Bell 525 Relentless will
feature a state-of-the-art flight deck, ARC Horizon.

“One of the most compelling elements of the new Bell 525 Relentless is the
new ARC Horizon flight deck,” said Larry D. Roberts, senior vice
president, Bell Helicopter’s Commercial Business.

The ARC Horizon will debut the Garmin G5000H integrated avionics suite. It
features high resolution, wide aspect ratio primary flight displays (PFD) and
multi-function displays (MFD). The system supports multiple display sizes and
is scalable to support a large number of display and touchscreen controller
configurations. The landscape oriented displays have multi-pane capability that
allows multiple pages to be viewed side-by-side on any of the displays.

Fly-by-wire with flight control computers by BAE Systems provide the ability to
operate demanding missions in austere environments safely and reliably with
decreased pilot workload.

“Bell Helicopter is committed to continuing to provide these types of
innovative and technologically advanced systems to our customers as we provide
them with industry-leading products,” Roberts said.