Apollo Jets becomes first ARGUS certified charter broker


Apollo Jets becomes first ARGUS Certified Broker

Apollo Jets has met all the standards of the Certified Broker programme to become the first ARGUS Certified Charter Broker.

This approval marks the first time that a charter broker has performed the on-site ARGUS Certified Charter Broker Audit and met all of the necessary requirements.

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Al Palagonia, chairman and CEO of Apollo Jets, says: “We are very excited that Apollo Jets has further separated itself from the rest of the industry by becoming the first ARGUS Certified Broker.”

“Apollo has spent the last year working hand in hand with ARGUS to build out this certification. On site audits, emergency response procedures, broker education, the highest levels of insurance and an internal software system designed specifically for charter are just a few of the requirements Apollo further supported and implemented. With ARGUS behind Apollo Jets, we believe we have elevated the bar for the rest of the industry to follow in our footsteps making Jet Charter safer than ever before,” adds Palagonia.

Joe Moeggenberg, president and CEO of ARGUS International, Inc says: “We are very proud to welcome Apollo Jets as the first ARGUS Certified Charter Brokers.”

“Apollo Jets has validated our program as both demanding and rewarding, as it inherently improves business for the broker as well as the charter operator’s and end customer’s experience. This achievement is a testament to the Apollo Jets team and their dedication to excellence,” Moeggenberg adds.

Dean Giasi, vice president of Apollo Jets says: “We are extremely proud to be the first ARGUS Certified Charter Broker. With every flight, Apollo Jets strives to strengthen the most crucial service that we provide – Safety.

As a global leader in aviation safety, ARGUS passionately supports our philosophy, and we are extremely proud to have achieved ARGUS Certification. This Certification solidifies Apollo Jets position in the industry as a top tier broker and reinforces all of the principles that Apollo Jets was founded on. Apollo Jets clients have all of the information necessary to give them total peace of mind each and every time they fly.”