Alison Price On Air adds large group charter


APOA adds large group charter catering to its portfolio of services

Daniel HulmeAlison Price On Air is now offering large group catering. The company recently provided 600 meals for 200 guests split between a Boeing 757 and a Boeing 767 aircraft at two London airports as part of a birthday celebration.

The new service was launched in June 2012.

“Alison Price & Co has built its reputation catering to the highest echelons of society, including royalty and government, and regularly serves over 100 plus diners a night. The kitchen has been designed for purpose and the team is specifically trained and prepared for large group catering. It makes complete sense to blend the last two years of in-flight experience and knowledge of handling food for the business jet sector,” says Daniel
Hulme, managing director of Alison Price On Air.

“Whilst our average business jet order caters to six passengers we have he in-house expertise to cater for aircraft flying up to 200 passengers. In addition we have the understanding of the unique requirements of the aviation sector, know how pressure changes taste, and can design menus with all these considerations in mind,” adds Hulme.