APERTUS Aviation adds Gulfstream G200 to their charter fleet


APERTUS Aviation Gulfstream G200

Hong Kong, January 7, 2020 – APERTUS Aviation has been appointed as exclusive charter representative for one Gulfstream G200 business jet, now available in China.

After months of research it has shown the global demand on private jet charter in flying domestic in China is growing. This cooperation sees APERTUS, which provides high-level charter management services in Asia, working in collaboration with Beijing Mayboune General Aviation Co. Ltd in offering a world-class and reliable experience to clients from across the world.

China being the second largest market in the world, despite concerns on the trade war, China is a large and growing economy, although the GPD has been slowing but within the market expectation, China still rank number 2 in the world in GDP. This status will continue, attracting a lot of foreign enterprises visiting China for business purpose.

According to recent studies, travel spending in Asia region makes up 38% of the global business travel market, China and USA are the top two countries on the spending. Nearly 80% of travellers realises the need to meet their client directly or visit onsite. Their company sees that business travel is essential to the company’s development. Ringo Fan, Managing Director of APERTUS Aviation, said: “At APERTUS, we work with a lot of foreign travellers in industry such as construction, entertainment, manufacturing, who relies on business jet in order to travel more efficiently globally. Having the G200 onboard allows us to confidently deliver solutions that meet the global standard which we pride ourselves in.”

Ms. Jessica Du, APERTUS Regional Representative, added: “The G200 has always been regarded as a stable solid business jet in the market. With the range of up to 6 hours and capability to land in all domestic and international airports in China, this Chinese registered G200 is the perfect solution for foreign clientele allowing them to fulfil more domestic routes internally in China.”

Lianjia Li, CEO of Mayboune General Aviation, said: “Over the years we have fine-tuned the service standard together with APERTUS Aviation in order to satisfy their foreign client’s requirement. With the great relationship and trust we have built up; I have confident this cooperation will deliver to client the top quality business jet travel experience in China.”

APERTUS Aviation Gulfstream G200 interior

The Beijing based G200 was manufactured in 2000 and has a recent cabin refurbishment completed in 2018. It has 9 passenger seats. All flight attendants are experienced in serving private jet and speak fluent English.