Airbus proposes Phoenix cabin


Airbus launches Phoenix cabin design for Asian marketplace

A318 circular tableAirbus has
launched a new cabin concept called Phoenix,
featuring a colour-scheme and layout designed to appeal to Asian tastes, which
will be offered to Asian customers of the ACJ.

The main
cabin features seating for six people around a large circular-table, the focus
of family life in many Asian cultures which facilitates work-related
discussions and dining.

games of skill and chance is also a passion in many Asian cultures, so Airbus
has designed the circular table to fold into a rectangular shape when needed,
which better suited to this activity.

The Phoenix cabin concept can also offer an area for Karaoke,
another activity typical of business entertainment and relaxation in much of Asia.

As with all
of its corporate jets, Airbus offers its customers a choice of colours and
fabrics and, for the Chinese market, it is proposing a decor featuring burgundy