Airbus will showcase two ACJs at Dubai Airshow 2013


Emirates Executive Airbus ACJ319 lounge

Airbus is highlighting two corporate jets at this year’s Dubai Air Show.
Emirates Executive Airbus ACJ319 lounge

Inside the lounge of Emirates Executive’s Airbus ACJ319.

Airbus is demonstrating two corporate jets, an Airbus ACJ318 and an Airbus ACJ319, at the Dubai Air Show next week.

The Airbus ACJ318 is operated by Constellation Aviation Services and features lounge areas at the front, plus a private office/bedroom with ensuite bathroom at the rear.

The Airbus ACJ319 is operated by Emirates Executive, which began offering VVIP charters earlier this year. The ACJ319 on displa is the first business jet with private suites, which also features lounge areas – plus a bathroom with shower.

“Airbus corporate jets have the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet, without needing more ramp space, allowing customers to take more of their lifestyle with them when they travel,” said John Leahy, Airbus chief operating officer, customers.

“Whether you want to work, rest, or play, you can do more of it in an Airbus ACJ,” Leahy added.

The Middle East is the largest market for VVIP widebodies, and it was for a customer from the region that Airbus produced its first corporate jet, in the mid-1980s.

Today, Airbus offers a “Gala” cabin for widebodies such as the ACJ330/ACJ340, which combines a VIP section with airliner-style seating to simplify and shorten outfitting.