Air Hamburg orders Citation Latitude


The first Citation Latitude in Europe will be operated on behalf of owner EFO Aviation by Air Hamburg Private Jets

AAS and Air Hamburg signingAir Hamburg Private Jets will
be the first company in Europe to operate the
new Citation Latitude. The future owner EFO Aviation will operate this aircraft
through Air Hamburg Private Jets. The aircraft is due for delivery is scheduled
for 2016 and will be delivered through Atlas Air Service.

“We are very pleased to be
the first commercial provider in Europe to incorporate the Citation Latitude in
our fleet as of 2016,” Floris Helmers, chief executive of Air Hamburg said.

“This state-of-the-art
aircraft will meet all standards of the business traveler in regards to
comfort, entertainment and performance, and furthermore its cabin is
captivating a unique spatial experience with its modern, attractive visual
appearance,” added Alexander Lipsky, associate of Air Hamburg.

The aircraft contract was
signed at Cessna in Wichita.

Photograph (left to right) Floris Helmers (CEO, Air Hamburg), Alexander Lipsky (CEO and Cpt., Air Hamburg), Simon Ebert
(CEO, EFO Aviation), Nicolas von Mende (CEO, Atlas Air Service), Thomas Tatum
(European Sales Manager, Cessna), Hans Doll (Sales Director, Atlas Air Service)