Air Charter Service appoint new management


Air Charter Service (ACS) has appointed a new management team as part of its commitment to grow its French business. Former director of ACS’s office in Switzerland, Alexandre Busila, has been appointed as CEO of ACS France, whilst Loubna Tagmi has been promoted to work alongside him as director.

Busila and Tagmi have been working at ACS for nearly a decade, with Busila starting his career in Paris before moving to Geneva to grow ACS’s Swiss market. With prior experience in the French air charter market, he is now returning to Paris to drive the local business forward and expand ACS’s presence in the country.

Justin Bowman, group CEO of ACS, said: “Appointing Alexandre with Loubna alongside him to lead our operation going forwards was an easy decision. They have the knowledge, attitude and experience to drive our business forward as we look to further expand into the French market.”

ACS’s French office has grown its team 30% in anticipation of what it hopes will be a strong recovery in the market post-pandemic. The company is looking to expand the French management team even further with the recruitment of a manager for its Private Jets team.

Busila said: “One of the main reasons our customers choose ACS is that they understand our solid financial base, especially in a time when, regrettably, some parts of our industry are struggling. One of my goals is to ensure that we continue to be a strong business by increasing our presence in new markets.”

Elsewhere, SmartSky Networks has recently appointed David Claassen as its new chief technology officer (CTO). Claassen will direct SmartSky’s technology strategy and execution, including development and delivery of innovative technical solutions from its portfolio of patents.

He holds multiple patents in mobile communications technology areas including modem development and satellite and air-to-ground communications (ATG). Prior to joining SmartSky, Claassen served in a variety of senior roles in the cellular and satellite communication industries, including Telepad, WFI and Nextel Communications.