AeroBid: Market needs more efficiency to keep up with demand


Real-time charter bidding platform AeroBid has said the business aviation market needs to be more efficient across manufacturing, maintenance and administration to keep up with demand.

Zaher Deir, founder, AeroBid said the industry may be set to become “a victim of its own success” if it does not become more efficient in these “pressure points”.

A shortage of metals, parts and electronic components causing manufacturing delays is threatening to slow down the industry, according to Deir. He added that the speed of growth and the threat of recession “are preventing maintenance facilities from keeping up with demand”.

Deir suggests that to combat this, more companies need to be using more efficient technologies to keep a better track on supply and demand.

“As an industry, we need to change how we operate, following the example of other sectors to use data and real-time communications to make our charter bidding processes easier and more effective,” he said.

He added: “Just look at the problem with empty legs. Every empty leg is an opportunity to transport paying customers, but they are being wasted. If the industry can improve its efficiency, it will be able to sustain its rapid growth, which was why AeroBid was founded in the first place.”

Launched in April this year, AeroBid is aiming to sign 1,000 operators and 4,000 brokers to its service by 2023.