AeroBid launches Empty Leg Marketplace


AeroBid has launched a new add-on to its real-time charter platform to fill empty legs for operators.

The Empty Leg Marketplace aims to save operators time and money by posting their empty legs as they become available. The platform then alerts brokers to the flight, allowing them to bid on them instantly.

Operators can choose how to market their empty legs, selecting either fixed or flexible routes and pricing that is negotiable or firm. Brokers can also suggest pickups along the route within the platform.

The add-on is set to be integrated with AeroBid’s main marketplace in 2023, which will mean empty legs can be automatically matched with charter requests already live on the site and vice versa.

“Our users are crying out for this added functionality,” said Zaher Deir, CEO and founder, AeroBid. “Static directories do not establish an easy and effective way for brokers and operators to buy and sell empty legs. A live marketplace makes this objective possible.”

Deir added: “Harnessing the power of empty legs is the next logical step for the private aviation industry to experience real growth towards a viable alternative for all.”

In June, shortly after the company’s launch, Deir told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) that the firm was aiming to sign 1,000 operators and 4,000 brokers to its service by 2023. At the time, AeroBid had 38 operators and more than 130 active brokers registered.