ABS Jets showcase their flight planning services


ABS Jets have showcased their flight planning services at the NBAA Schedulers and Distchers conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Vladimir PetakABS Jets have highlighted their operation control centre services and  are encouraging smaller companies and operators to become “a part of ABS Jets´ fleet“.

From their Prague base ABS Jets can provide a full complement of services to operators and owners seeking to outsource flight planning services either on an AD-HOC basis or throughout the whole year. ABS Jets already provides flight planning services to a number of 3rd party clients who do not intend to invest in their own OCC.

Vladimir Petak, CEO of ABS Jets advised that “ABS Jets are returning to the S&D convention once again and are looking to build on the good relations we have in the region. Naturally this means we are displaying many aspects of our business on our booth and are looking forward to meeting with our clients and customers to discuss how we can work together. I see our OCC services as an integral part of supporting owners and operators to help them increase and maximize the use and efficiency of their aircraft.”

Jan Kralik, ABS Jets ground operations manager added “At ABS Jets we recognize the professionalism and excellence of U.S. operators and welcome them to try our services on their cross Atlantic routings or long-haul flights worldwide. Our OCC services meet the highest standards, we support our own fleet of medium and long-haul aircraft and have trained our team to work smoothly, yet efficiently, to ensure that the outsourcing of flight planning services to ABS Jets is the smart decision to take. Our customers appreciate our commitment to putting safety, quality and security first. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in number of requests for a trans-Atlantic delivery flights support and planning in 2012. We believe the investment we have carried out at the OCC dept and throughout the whole company greatly enhance the customer experience and service we provide. Our customers are safe in the knowledge that their aircraft are being maintained in one of Europe’s leading MRO centers and handled by highly trained and dedicated handling staff during their time on our ramp in Prague.”

Photograph: Vladimir Petak, CEO of ABS Jets

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