AAC opens VIP custom interior design centre


Associated Air Center has opened its new VIP completions center in Dallas, Texas

Associated Air Center (AAC),
StandardAero’s Large Transport Category, VIP
Aircraft Completions
Center in Dallas, Texas,
announced the opening of its new VIP custom interiors design center.

“AAC is the industry
leading VIP interior completions facility,” said Chris Schechter, vice
president and general manager. “The bulk of all interiors we provide to
our customers are conceived, detailed and built by our own internal design
department. This new design center will show case the best of what we do at
AAC- creative and innovative design, talented craftsmen and an overall
commitment to quality. The design center is stocked with the newest fabric and
textile trends, state of the art cabin management technology and a resource
pool of talented artisans. It is of enormous interest – and convenience – to
our customers. It provides them with an endless array of ideas upon which to
make their aircraft one-of-a-kind and an in-flight extension of their

The design center has a 20
foot fully functioning Boeing fuselage.

“The mockup transitions
into the design center allowing customers to “experience” the
interior layout and ergonomics of their aircraft prior to the onset of the
actual work,” said Schechter. “The ability to create a full scale,
fully functioning mockup allows customers to make informed decisions on the
front of their project reducing the need for changes once the project begins,
saving customers time and reducing cost from unexpected rework and process down