200th Falcon 7X enters final completion


Assembley has been completed, the aircraft features many new customer options

Assembly of the 200th Falcon
7X has been completed at Dassault’s Bordeaux-Merignac facility in southern France. The
aircraft enters final completion this week.

“We are especially
proud of this milestone,” said John Rosanvallon, president and chief
executive of Dassault Falcon. “The 7X is clearly the best seller in the
current Falcon family and remains one of the most sought after jets in its

Dassault Falcon has already
delivered over 150 Falcon 7X’s and another eighty are in various stage of
production. The Falcon 7X fleet is in operation in 32 different countries.
Since the entry into service of the airplane five years ago, Dassault has developed
dozens of new options that give customers a wide range of desirable features.