2-REG celebrates 10-year anniversary


Guernsey’s aircraft registry, 2-REG is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month. 

First launched in December 2013, the States of Guernsey-backed registry has grown to become one of the most widely recognised registries globally.

“2-REG’s success is a testament to the safety culture, cultivated by the high performing team, which has developed requirements, implemented a regulatory framework, and established the necessary oversight processes to manage safety,” John Nicholas, director of Civil Aviation for the Channel Islands. “The realisation of such success is not merely a product of our strategic decisions, but rather, it is deeply rooted in the conscious efforts of the team to prioritise safety above all else.”

2-REG has registered nearly 1,000 aircraft, provisioning the critical aircraft transitions product to leasing and financing companies and entrenching its position in business aviation. The registry said it “takes pride in offering the industry-leading premium services” to aircraft owners seeking service standards in a cost effective and a tax efficient jurisdiction.

“As the strategic partner of the States of Guernsey, our vision for 2-REG is rooted in the seamless synergy between private enterprise and regulatory excellence,” said Paolo Lironi CEO of SGI Group. “We recognise that in the dynamic realm of aviation, a robust public-private partnership is not just beneficial – it is imperative. By combining the agility of the private sector with the regulatory precision of our esteemed public counterparts, we are not only registering aircraft; we are propelling the industry forward, fostering trust, and setting a global standard for efficiency and safety.”

Damon Hackley, States of Guernsey director of Operations, added: “I am delighted to see the registry go from strength to strength and provide economic and social value to Guernsey. It has become a significant player in the aircraft registry arena, and I look forward to seeing it grow even further in the future.” 

Matt Bisson, 2-REG’s Aircraft Registrar said: “2-REG operates at zero cost to the States of Guernsey and presents a low commercial risk with a manageable reputational impact, offering significant benefits to local businesses. The company has created access to the aerospace sector for Guernsey’s financial and legal services that previously did not exist. The strategic partnership with SGIG has been key to the success and growth of the local aerospace sector. I look forward to helping to drive the next ten years.”