SMEA becomes first cargo airline on San Marino Registry


Cargo airline SMEA has become the first air cargo carrier to achieve an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the San Marino Aircraft Registry. The airline achieved the distinction after satisfying the CAR OPS 1 requirements for the certification.

David Colindres, President of the San Marino Aircraft Registry, said: “SMEA deserves to be acclaimed not only for becoming the first air cargo airline on the San Marino Registry but also for their efforts and support with medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The air cargo industry is entering a period where it must ensure that sensitive cargo is transported and delivered to the highest standards, meticulously and punctiliously.”

SMEA diversified its management services into cargo operations towards the end of last year, when it began operating the A300-600R T7-ASK aircraft (pictured). The airline recently completed 27 charter flights from China to Italy, including deliveries to Pisa and Bologna, transporting key medical supplies.

Waked Jayyousi, SMEA Airlines accountable manager, said the Covid-19 global pandemic has highlighted the contribution of air cargo. “We are living in times where we have realised how fundamental air cargo is for our daily lives,” said Jayyousi. “We have demonstrated to the San Marino CAA that our special cargo operations meet international standards during such a vulnerable and critical period.”

SMEA plans to fly to other EU destinations and continue its medical missions until the end of June 2020.