SyberJet SJ-30: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide


The SJ-30 was designed by Edward Swearingen and was purchased  by Emivest Aerospace, Emirates Investment & Development Company. In April 2011, a US court approved the sale of Emivest assets to MT LLC of Utah, an affiliate of Metalcraft Technologies, a parts suppliers of the SJ-30 program. MT LLC have announced that production will move to Cedar City, Utah and the company will be known as SyberJet Aircraft.

Although production was suspended in 2010, SyberJet Aircraft broke ground on a new aircraft completion and delivery center in Cedar City in May 2014.

The company also announced two new SJ-30 variants, although the first, the SJ-30i was simply a rebadge of the original SJ-30. This version will only be a short run until the SJ-30x becomes the standard version. The company has stated that all aircraft after serial number 15 will be the SJ-30x.

The SJ-30x is due to fly for the first time in 2016 and is due to enter service the following year. The aircraft itself mainly features upgraded more powerful engines.

SyberJet Aircraft said early in 2014 that they would begin delivering aircraft in 2015, however they later announced that they were bringing electrical engineering work on the updated cockpit in-house, and this would cause a delay.

As of early December 2015 the updated SJ-30i has yet to fly.

Hard Facts

Range: 2,879 miles/4,633 kms/2,500 nautical miles
Typical passengers: 5 or 6
Typical crew: 1 or 2
Cabin space: 190.6 ft3 / 5.39 m3
Maximum Speed: 560 mph/901 kmph/mach 0.83

Recommended cruise: 502 mph/807 kmph/mach 0.76
Competitor aircraft: Adam A700, Citation Mustang, Phenom 100
First delivery: 2006
World fleet: 9 (July 2012) Production suspended
Fractional operators include: N/A
Aircraft manufacturer: Emivest Aerospace
Engine manufacturer: Williams
Engine type (number): FJ-44-2A (2)