Boeing BBJ2: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide


How the interior of a BBJ2 may look.

The BBJ2 is an upgrade on the popular Boeing Business Jet and features more cabin space and the ability to fly up to 50 passengers in luxury.

With the original BBJ surprising many by selling so well, the BBJ2 was launched with 25 per cent more cabin space and an airframe based on the Boeing 737-800.

The massive passenger cabin measures 98’4″ long, 7’1″ high and 11’7″ wide. With so much space, it is like having your own apartment in the sky. Adding to the luxury of the jet, with so much space to work with, the interior can be configured almost in any way imaginable, but it is usually divided into four main cabin areas.

As with the original BBJ, the four cabin areas usually consist of a boardroom, a lounge, a VIP bedroom, a business office and two restrooms with showers. With the aircraft being designed as a commercial airliner, it can be used as a corporate shuttle carrying 75 plus passengers very comfortably. There is plenty of scope for many different interiors and seating layouts, even with extra wide seats capable of being used for sleeping during long haul flights.

The aircraft can be fitted with a specially designed galley or with a standard one fitted to all commercial versions of the aircraft.

How the interior of a BBJ2 may look.

How the interior of a BBJ2 may look.

The BBJ2 is powered by two CFM International CFM56-7B27 turbofan engines (same as the BBJ), each of which provide 27,300 pounds of thrust. The cockpit has Rockwell Collins Flight Dynamics HGS-4000 Head-Up Displays, fitted with six Honeywell Liquid Crystal Displays, Smiths Flight Management System, Collins Series 90 avionics, TCAS II, EGPWS and Enhanced Vision System.

The broker’s view

“Developed as a joint venture between two great aviation companies, Boeing and General Electric, the BBJ should be around for a long time. Its ability to transport passengers between Los Angeles and Paris or London and Johannesburg in complete comfort means that business travelers lose no time closing the international deals that will help them buy their next one…”
Rene Banglesdorf, CEO, Charlie Bravo Aviation

Hard facts

Range: 6,513 miles/10,482 kms/5,660 nautical miles (8 passengers)
Range: 6,070 miles/9,769 kms/5,275 nautical miles (25 passengers)
Range: 5,449 miles/8,769 kms/4,735 nautical miles (50 passengers)
Typical passengers: 8 – 78
Typical crew: 4
Cabin space: 1,004 ft3 /93.27 m3
Maximum speed: 541 mph/870 kmph/mach 0.82
Recommended cruise: 528 mph/850 kmph/mach 0.80
Competitor aircraft: Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319, BBJ, BBJ3, Embraer Linear 1000
How much does a new BBJ2 cost? $68m (plus $25m-$30m for cost of interior)
Hourly operating cost: $13,200
First delivery: 2001
World fleet: 17 (as at July 2012)