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HondaJet of Cutter Aviation

There is nothing not to like about the HondaJet. From its unusual over the wing mounted engines, to its rather charming back story, for one reason or another, we all like the aircraft.

So when it made its ABACE debut this week, you knew that there was always going to be a long line of people waiting to take a peek inside.

Not that you can buy one yet.

Honda aren’t ready to begin selling the aircraft in China, and China is not ready for the HondaJet.

In his own words, HondaJet designer and CEO Michimasa Fujino says that there has been ‘unprecedented’ interest in the aircraft, not only from China, but other countries in Asia as well.

He also says that the interest he has seen in the aircraft may accelerate the company’s plans to build a sales presence in the region.

Elsewhere in Asia, Fujino talks of interest in the aircraft from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

But the HondaJet we see today, might not be the only HondaJet we see in a few years’ time.

Although he doesn’t want to talk openly about it, Fujino says that they have heard from potential customers that they would like a bigger aircraft, and acknowledges that the aircraft was designed with derivatives in mind.


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