VistaJet launches “industry changing” flight booking app


VistaJet has launched a new flight-booking app in an “industry changing move” that it claims will give customers an unmatched level of transparency and speed.

The global private aviation company unveiled the VistaJet Direct app this week, enabling customers to have priority access to its one-way and empty leg flights at preferential rates.

VistaJet chairman Thomas Flohr described the app as “really exciting” and said it would “give people what they want”.

He added: “This is an industry changing move we’re making today.”

VistaJet Direct costs $10,000 a year to join, and members can use the app to make bookings on all available VistaJet aircraft. The app has a built-in geo-location service, which allows members to receive push notifications when a flight is available near them or from a favourite city. They tap the notification to book and, once the booking is confirmed, pay the price quoted at the start.

VistaJet claims that its app, which has been developed over the past 18 months by a team of around 100 software developers and uses algorithms to set prices, is the “most efficient” app on the market, and that customers can book flights within minutes.

“This has been a huge undertaking,” said Flohr. “I truly believe this is the right thing for clients.”

VistaJet says it can offer fixed prices and fast booking because it owns its fleet of more than 70 aircraft.

Flohr added: “Today’s launch is all about giving our customers, and all business travellers, as much flexibility and choice as possible. Customers can now book a flight and access the full array of our services no matter where in the world they are, at a time that suits them.”

You can see Flohr talking to Corporate Jet Investor about the new app, and about the recently-announced investment in VistaJet by Rhone Capital in the following video.

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