United Aviation Services opens regional office in Nigeria


United Aviation Services (UAS) has opened a regional office in Lagos, Nigeria, which will co-ordinate representatives and services in West and Central Africa.

Abdul Oricha, who will lead the office, said: “With Africa and African aviation is on the rise. First class support services will be needed in major hubs as well as in more remote areas.”

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“It is an exciting time to be in West and Central Africa. The region’s close relationship with other emerging markets has made it vital to global business and has increased the demand for trip support,” added Oricha. “While our Dubai and Houston headquarters have provided exceptional service across the continent, a strong local presence is essential, not only to ensure that our clients receive top level support, but also for demonstrating our commitment to economic and aviation development in the region.”

The Lagos regional office staff will report to Wynand Meyer, director of business development Africa, and will be managed from UAS Africa headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

UAS are currently negotiating the opening of an another new office in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The company hopes it will be open in a few months time.