Travelling through LAX gets a whole new meaning for JetSmarter members



Fort Lauderdale, FL  – The world’s largest private aviation community, JetSmarter, is adding a new offering to its ever-growing menu of lifestyle benefits – this time for commercial airport travellers. JetSmarter membership now includes complimentary access to The Private Suite at LAX for a head-of-state-style travel experience.

The Private Suite at LAX is a private terminal situated away from the main airport traffic, offering onsite TSA as well as Customs and Immigration screening for commercial fliers, with no lines. Guests enter the airport via a gated entrance and are escorted to their own well-appointed suite complete with a stocked food pantry, private bathroom, two-person daybed, runway view, and on-call attendant. As guests unwind and enjoy the comfort of their suite, all check-in formalities are attended to and luggage is hand delivered to the planeside crew. When time to board, guests go through private pre-flight TSA screening and are driven across the airfield directly to their waiting aircraft.

Inbound passengers landing at LAX are met planeside and driven across the airfield to The Private Suite. International travelers clear Customs and Immigration in a private onsite lounge just steps from their waiting car and the gate leading out of the airport. The service is available to those traveling domestically and internationally, both in and out of LAX.

“We’ve found that many of our members fly private jets on short-haul trips around the US.  However, those same customers tend to utilize commercial airlines and the first-class cabin when they head overseas.  JetSmarter is a great match for The Private Suite.  Their members are searching for ultimate ease and seamless logistics, and we’ve been able to accomplish that at one of the Nation’s busiest airports,” said The Private Suite’s Co-Founder Joshua Gausman.

JetSmarter members enjoy a complimentary membership to The Private Suite at LAX, granting them access to book services at special rates; reserved exclusively for members paying the annual fee of $4,500. Additionally, Sophisticated members also receive a complimentary VIP experience (valued at $3,000).

The Private Suite is just one of the many perks of a JetSmarter membership.