Traveller enjoys unexpected private jet experience


A woman got an unexpected taste of travel on a private jet earlier this week, when she was the only passenger on board her flight following a booking mix-up.

The woman, identified as Beth, posted a picture of the empty aircraft on Reddit with the caption: “I got a whole plane to myself when I was accidentally booked on a flight just meant for moving crew.”

And with no other passengers to cramp her style – and just three crew members on board – Beth enjoyed the private jet experience during the hour-long flight from Rochester, New York, to Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C.

According to The Independent newspaper, her original flight was cancelled and, along with the rest of the passengers, she was given a seat on the aircraft pictured. The booking agent then realised that they could travel on an earlier flight but Beth had left the airport when the change was announced, and returned to the airport for the 1am flight.

“I realised something was wrong when I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before take-off,” she wrote on Reddit.

According to Beth, the crew were not happy that she was on board: “It seems the airline forced them to take me because of a mistake made by their ticketing agent. They didn’t seem thrilled about it.

“Both captains and the flight attendant said they’d never seen this happen before.

“It was a short flight so I didn’t ask for anything. Maybe I would’ve gotten special treatment if I tried.”

The flight attendant did offer her refreshments, Beth said, and did a safety demonstration “at double the speed of the sound recording giving instructions”.