Toucan Aviation opens crew accommodation


Toucan Aviation crew accommodation in Lagos

Toucan Aviation has opened the first of its kind crew accommodation in Lagos, Nigeria.
Toucan Aviation crew accommodation in Lagos

Toucan Aviation crew accommodation in Lagos.

Toucan Aviation has opened a purpose-built guest house to provide Toucan Aviation’s crew with private accommodation in its home-base town of Lagos, Nigeria.

The property is located within the Ikeja region of Lagos just ten minutes from the airport.

Achuzie Ezenagu, CEO of Toucan Aviation, said: “Our crew work extremely hard and need to feel rested and relaxed in comfortable, familiar surroundings so they can be at their best for their flights. For me this is an extension of resource management. If the crew feels cared for then that feeling will be returned, and they will perform better in-flight. Our international customers’ benefit from a refreshed crew, our team feels truly valued and it positions Toucan as a truly professional operator in the region.”

“Our business is about providing our client with the best possible service. Making an investment such as this supports that activity. It helps retain staff, ensures they are happy in their work and most importantly means they are rested and therefore increases safety aboard the aircraft,” Ezenagu added.

Toucan Aviation began operations in April 2011 providing services to the energy sector and mineral market. The company now operates a fleet of six aircraft including a Citation XLS, Falcon 900 EX, two Citation Sovereigns, Hawker 850 XP and a newly acquired CRJ200.

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