Tokyo’s Haneda Airport opens up slots for business jet arrivals


Haneda Airport, the closest airport to Tokyo’s city center, is to allow international business jet movements during the day time.

Previously international flights were restricted to operating between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The new rules allow up to eight movements during the daytime, although these will be shared between domestic and international flights.

Although the new rules allow for eight movements, only four of these are allowed to be arrivals.

Haneda has also opened up a new area for business jet parking close to the new international terminal, and extended the maximum permitted stay.

Previously users were restricted to parking their aircraft for a maximum of five days, however this has now been extended to 10 days.

The moves come as Japan is looking to encourage business aviation use in the country.

The Japan Business Aviation Association say there are around 60 business jets registered in Japan, with a further 25 aircraft operating in the country, but registered overseas.