Tim Barber leaving JetBrokers


Tim Barber

Tim Barber is leaving his role of regional managing director at aircraft broker JetBrokers. He has also resigned from Aura Aviation, a consultancy business, where he was a partner.

Barber says that he has not decided on a new role. “The last six years have been brilliant but recently lots of things came together at the same time which made me question whether now was the time for a change,” says Barber. “It is always hard to leave a business you have been a principal in but now feels right and my future is literally a blank sheet of paper.”

“My future is literally a blank sheet of paper”

Barber launched JetBrokers Europe in 2009 with John Merry a former colleague in the logistics industry. Merry was a past customer of US broker JetBrokers and set up the European franchise. Earlier this year it was renamed JetBrokers as part of a general re-branding of the broker.

“Tim has put an enormous amount into the business since its launch at NBAA in 2009 and he will be a significant loss,” said Merry. “However, we remain friends and he retains an economic interest in the business.”

Barber will continue to handle sales contracts that he has been working on until they are closed. He says that he is keen to stay in business aviation.

Tom Crowell, president of JetBrokers added: “Tim has been an integral part of the team and wil be missed.”