Surf Air orders up to 65 PC-12NG turboprops


(Photo: Surf Air)

California-based membership airline Surf Air has placed an order with Pilatus for up to PC-12NG turboprops.
(Photo: Surf Air)

A Surf Air PC-12NG turboprop

US-based All-You-Can-Fly membership airline Surf Air has signed a deal with Pilatus that could see the Swiss manufacturer deliver up to 65 PC-12NG turboprops to the operator.

The deal includes firm orders for 15 aircraft, with Surf Air holding options for a further 50 aircraft.

As well as an $8 million equity round from new and existing members, Surf Air has also secured a $65 million senior facility from White Oak Global Advisors, which will be used to finance the 15 firm orders.

Surf Air started operations in June 2013 using three pre-owned PC-12 turboprops connecting smaller airports close to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Truckee, California.

By using smaller airports Surf Air avoids paying higher landing and handling costs.

To become a member you first have to pay an upfront fee of $500, and then a monthly fee of $1,650. Once you’re a member you’re entitled to fly as many times as you like on any of the Surf Air flights.

To reduce the possibility of other members not being able to get on flights that they want to, members are only allowed to holding boarding passes for up to four flights at a time.

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