Stratajet streamlines Luxaviation bookings through integration of pricing engine


Stratajet today announced a major leap forward for private aviation, offering its cutting-edge technology directly to aircraft operators.

In a first for the industry, Stratajet, the only booking platform to offer fliers direct access to the private jet marketplace, is helping operators streamline their customer bookings. A white label product agreement is allowing operators to build Stratajet’s unique software into their own websites.

As a pioneering partner of this initiative, Luxaviation, one of the largest private aviation operators worldwide, will be the first to offer customers accurate availability and prices of private jets through it’s own channels, with flights then instantly bookable online. Stratajet’s dedicated team of programmers has worked closely with Luxaviation to ensure integration of its product, which will go live at the beginning of June.

Offering direct access to its fleet in this manner will dramatically streamline Luxaviation’s operations, removing the need for manual confirmation of bookings by its staff. Luxaviation will also take advantage of Stratajet’s adaptive empty leg search algorithms. These automatically include empty legs in searches and, where necessary, adapt them to suit new requests, providing significantly improved margins for the operator and considerably reduced costs of flights for customers.

Jonny Nicol, Founder and CEO of Stratajet, commented, “When we set out to build our own pricing engine that could eliminate inefficiency and wastage across the industry, we committed to bringing the private jet industry into the mainstream. Now that we are in the unique position of being able to offer the industry that platform, we remain committed to helping the industry streamline its processes for operators and customers alike. It is the scope of more and more travellers gaining access to this means of travel for the first time that has driven – and continues to drive – our growth and the fact that Luxaviation shares this vision is a major step change for private aviation.”

Patrick Hansen, CEO, Luxaviation Group, added: “We continually seek to improve our service offering and work with business aviation companies which can add value to our operations and end clients. We look forward to working with Stratajet to enhance our integrated solutions.”

The move stamps Stratajet’s position as the private aviation industry’s leading technological provider. Stratajet remains in talks with other operators to roll out this initiative on a wider basis, with the aim of removing inefficiency across the market and broadening the private jet audience.

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