Steve Wynn replaces G650 with newer G650ER


Soon to be N711SW (Photo: Russell Hill)

Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn Resorts, has replaced his Gulfstream G650 with a Gulfstream G650ER.

  • First delivered Gulfstream G650 N711SW put up for sale
  • Wynn’s original G650 (MSN 6007 / N711SW) was delivered on 20 December 2012, and left Savannah on the same day as Exxon Mobil Corp G650 (MSN 6010 / N100A).

    Although both aircraft flew away on the same day, it’s now believed that the Exxon machine was officially the first G650 to be handed over to an owner.

    Wynn took delivery of G650ER MSN 6087 / N650GA earlier in 2014, but leased it back to Gulfstream for use as the G650ER demonstrator.

    Although the aircraft is currently registered as N650GA, the US FAA website shows that the aircraft currently has Wynns preferred registration N711SW reserved.

    The aircraft wears a similar scheme as the original N711SW, aside from swapping the black on the lower part of the fuselage and tail for blue.

    The original N711SW has now been re-registered as N288WR and is currently offered for sale by The Jet Business.

    Youtube user SpeedbirdHD uploaded a beautiful video of the original N711SW taxiing and taking off from Los Angeles:

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