Stellar Labs closes $8.6 million seed round


Stellar Labs has raised $8.6 million from a mixture of professional and angel investors.

Participants include Structure Capital, Sherpa Ventures, Western Technology, Investments, Camp One Ventures, Impossible Ventures, Aslanoba Capital, Dolby Family Ventures, Rob Solomon, Geoff Baldwin, Scott and Cyan Bannister, Chris Skarakis, and Robert Schumacher.

“We thank all our seed funding partners for their unwavering support and belief in our team, our strategic vision, and our deep scientific approach,” said David Fox, president of Stellar.

Stellar formerly launched at NBAA after coming out of Stealth Mode at Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2015.

“We have seeded and helped many of the largest market places in the world flourish to the full extent of their potential and we believe Stellar is next big one,” said Mike Walsh, Partner at Structure Capital. “This team is the real deal.”

Robert Claassen, partner at Camp One Ventures said: “Stellar has assembled an exceptional group of entrepreneurs and technologists with proven track records of success. We are thrilled to be involved with such a talented team and we are very excited at the positive impact that Stellar will have on the business jet aviation industry.”