How social media reacted to the Gulfstream G500 and G600


The Gulfstream G500 and G600 flying in formation.

Rumblings started to surface from an aircraft hangar in Savannah on Tuesday morning.

It didn’t take long before the G500 and G600 were announced on Twitter.

More details started to emerge about the specs of the two new aircraft.

Gulfstream: “What makes the G500 and G600 game changers is Gulfstream’s unrelenting quest to create a paradigm shift in aviation where “best in class” does not hinge on a single parameter such as speed, reliability, range, cabin size or efficiency, but is defined by an aircraft’s optimized ability to be undeniably the single best platform for the specified mission.”

Soon enough, grainy photos started to appear on Twitter.

Someone on the aviation subreddit was very excited about cup holders.

gulfstream cupholders

Gulfstream posted a video of the launch on YouTube.

Phebe Novakovic, chairman and CEO of General Dynamics: “This is an exciting moment in the history of General Dynamics and Gulfstream. These new airplanes reflect an optimal combination of form, function and efficiency, with wide cabins, advanced technology flight decks and high-speed performance.”

The company spoke about how the two new additions would fit into the Gulfstream aircraft family.

No yoke, the new cockpit – with a glass overhead and side-stick – was a big talking point on Twitter.

Bob Holland, Gulfstream blogger: “For the first time, Gulfstream have moved away from engine supplier Rolls Royce and will use Pratt & Whitney PW800s. The G600 will have a range of 6200 nm (G550 = 6000 nm). The G500 will have a range of 5000 nm (G450 = 4200 nm). Other major change is no yoke, just a sidestick control. G500 N500GA was introduced to the press today. Deliveries of the G500 slated for 2017 with the G600 about a year later.”

Gulfstream thanked their staff on Facebook.


People on the Reddit started arguing about the G500’s name.


Someone pointed out that the G600 gives more credibility to this song by Far East Movement.

Gulfstream spotters on Facebook weren’t convinced that the new aircraft were any different to older Gulfstream models.


Most people on Twitter were still very excited about the two new jets.

But no one was as excited as the people on LinkedIn.