Silverhawk Aviation to develop STCs for Gogo Biz 4G service


Silverhawk Aviation will develop Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) on Cessna Citation 560 aircraft for the new Gogo Business Aviation 4G service.

Silverhawk Aviation is an authorised full-service maintenance, repair and overhaul Gogo dealer. The company will develop STCs for Gogo’s 4G system for Cessna Citation 560 series aircraft, and will participate as a partner for hardware sales and installations on other business aircraft.

Gene Luce, maintenance manager for Silverhawk Aviation said: “The new 4G system from Gogo is one of the leading connectivity solutions our customers ask us about. We currently have installed several of Gogo’s ATG 2000 and ATG 5000 systems. Our team of factory trained and experienced avionics technicians are ready to install, certify and turn on Gogo’s system on many of the Citations we currently service, and many more beyond our current client base.”

The new service will include Gogo Vision, providing the latest movies and TV episodes, flight tracker, weather reports, and additional features; Gogo Text & Talk, allowing passengers to call and text with their personal smart phones and mobile numbers; streaming video and audio; as well as face-to-face conversations with a user’s favorite applications; email with attachments; and web browsing – on a proven network in the continental U.S. and large portions of Alaska and Canada.

The Silverhawk STC will cover the following airframes in the 560 series:
· Citation V (model 560-0001 thru 560-0259)
· Ultra (model 560-0260 through 560-0538)
· Encore (model 560-0539 through 560-0750)
· Encore+ (model 560-0751 through 560-0815)
· C560XL/XLS and XLS+

Andy Geist, senior vice president of business aviation solutions for Gogo added: “Silverhawk Aviation has experienced tremendous success and is a valued and trusted Gogo partner. As the launch of Gogo Biz 4G service gets closer to reality we will increasingly rely on top dealers like Silverhawk Aviation to ensure our customers receive the care and attention they deserve. We thank Silverhawk for developing these STCs which are critical to the system’s adoptability.”