SaxonAir reports buoyant trading in 2015


Alex Durand and Chris Mace of SaxonAir

SaxonAir continues to grow reporting on a good performance over the past year in most areas of the group. The company was founded in 2007 and has grown year on year with new charter and managed aircraft being added to the fleet.

The group collectively increased turnover by 32% compared with the previous year to more than £13 million in 2015.

SaxonAir provides a range of aviation services including private jet charter; aircraft management; helicopter charter and utility surveillance; aircraft sales and leasing; flight support and ground handling. As well as expanding through its Norwich head office, SaxonAir has increased its operational bases across the UK with aircraft also located at both London Stansted and Luton airports.

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Chris Mace, SaxonAir group commercial director, said: “Our private air charter service has become increasingly popular for business travellers; it’s a recognition of the convenience and time saving abilities that can be achieved by flying privately. Air charter has the ability to turn days into hours, making valuable business sense.”

The SaxonAir aircraft charter fleet flew almost 2,500 flight hours in 2015 a 13% increase from the previous year that equates to flying over 27 times around the world.

The company’s specialist ground handling services have also experienced growth in business aviation activities, with more than 3,000 private and business aircraft journeys, a 12.5% increase on the previous year.

Alex Durand, chief executive of SaxonAir, added: “Despite the continued difficulties and industry decline of the offshore and energy market, SaxonAir flight support has increased business aircraft movements and fuel sales at our Norwich headquarters showing the firm importance our aviation sector has regionally. Our diversification into other aviation sectors has played a key part in our continued success.”