Savannah St Patrick’s Day parade set to pull in more business jet visitors than Trump inauguration


Business jets on display in a rainy Shanghai at ABACE 2014.

According to research by UK-based online charter platform Stratajet, this years St Patrick’s Day parade in Savannah, Georgia, will see more business jet visitors than President Trump’s recent inauguration.

Stratajet say that there were approximately 400 private jet flights into the Washington area at the time of the Trump inauguration, 100 less than the 500 expected in Savannah.

Savannah hosts one of the largest St Patrick’s day events in the US. The city has a population of 150,000, but regularly hosts an extra 300,000 people for the event.

The Hilton Head Airport in Savannah sees 5% of its annual traffic passing through on and around March 17th.

“This is a fascinating demonstration of the flexibility of private jet travel. That St Patrick’s Day features so prominently on the annual private jet calendar shows that the perception of private aviation as the reserve of billionaire businessmen and executives couldn’t be further from the truth.” said Jonny Nicol, founder & CEO, Stratajet. “Private aviation can equally serve the leisure travel industry and attending a St Patrick’s Day parade, such as in Savannah, is a great example of how families or groups of friends can benefit from the hassle-free nature of private jet travel to get away quickly and efficiently, with Stratajet this is all possible.”

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