Salina Airport approves Bombardier lease


Hangar 959 at Salina Airport, Kansas known as 'Big Bertha'

Salina Airport in Kansas has approved a lease agreement with Bombardier Flight Test Center for a portion of Hangar 959, commonly known as “Big Bertha.”
Hangar 959 at Salina Airport, Kansas known as 'Big Bertha'

Hangar 959 at Salina Airport, Kansas known as ‘Big Bertha’

Bombardier Flight Test Center (BFTC) has been leasing hangar space at the Salina Airport since 2009 for aircraft storage. The lease of H959 will consolidate the space in Salina to a single hangar. This consolidation expands capability to store and operate aircraft at Salina.

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Mike King, Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary, announced a $350,000 T-WORKS Economic Development Grant.

“As I look at projects like this all over the state, this one rose to the top very quickly,” said King. “When the governor hired me three years ago he wanted me to focus on three areas- on the budget, the economy and vision. This one fit all three.”

The total budget for the work has been set at $622,708.  The Airport Authority’s share of the project cost will be recovered over a 20-month time period. Work will include the H959 taxiway and aircraft parking apron improvements.

Tim Rogers, executive director of Salina Airport Authority said: “The project supports BFTC flight test programmes. The hangar was vacated by Hawker Beechcraft in February 2012.  It has had in the past aircraft operations and aircraft storage.  This will bring aviation use back into the hangar.”