Robin Mao joins Hongkong Jet


Robin Mao

Robin Mao has joined Hongkong Jet as head of international sales to further expand their fast-growing portfolio of international accounts.

Mao was previously the manager of Sales at Virgin Atlantic Hong Kong.  She has nearly 13 years sales experience in travel and retail fashion industries.

Robin Mao said: “I am excited to join the group, the private jet industry is still very young here, significant growth is expected in the long term, particular in Greater China. I’m ready to share my knowledge and expand opportunities for Hongkong Jet and Asia Jet.”

She will report directly to Mike Walsh, CCO and Denzil White, CEO of Hong Kong Jet.

CJI took the opportunity to ask Robin Mao the following questions:

What is most exciting you about your new role?

(RM) “To be part of this really unique, and young industry in this region.”

Do you see much overlap between the airline industry and Hongkong Jet?

(RM) “I haven’t noticed much overlap between the airline industry and Hongkong Jet yet, although I’m still new in the position. In terms of sales, commercial airlines run very differently from private jets.”

What do you want to achieve in your first year?

(RM) “In my first year, I have 3 main tasks that I’d like to achieve. Consolidate the product and strengths of Hongkong Jet and Asia Jet; Develop & expand of the current sales team; Achieve the sales target.”

How did you end up in aviation?

(RM) “I guess, you can say I ended up in aviation, partially by being a big fan of Sir Richard Branson. Once I got chance to work for his company few years ago, I decided to move from Shanghai to Hong Kong to take the challenge.”