Private jets research from Gama Aviation

Private jets parked at Zuirch AIrport during WOrld Economic Forum 2014

New research from Gama Aviation reveals that the three main airports servicing the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos see a significant spike in private jet activity in January as delegates fly in.

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In January 2015, there were around 896 business aviation flights at Zurich airport, and the corresponding figures for St. Gallen-Altenrhein and Samedan airports were 288 and 205 respectively.

The number of daily business aviation flights during January at these three airports was 14.7%, 55% and 144.4% higher than their respective averages for the year.

Zurich, which is around 154 kilometres away from Davos, handles the majority of private jet travel for Davos delegates, and this also leads to a surge in helicopter flights.  Zurich airport tends to handle around five helicopter flights per day but this can increase tenfold during the busy period around Davos.

Duncan Daines, group chief marketing officer, Gama Aviation said: “Those flying via private jet to Davos will have needed to book slots for landing, take-off and parking at their chosen airports well in advance, because securing these closer to the start of the forum can be very difficult.”