PPG Aerospace introduces new windshield for Hawker 800


PPG Industries has received Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for its new-design glass-faced acrylic windshields for Hawker 800 series business jets, including the Hawker 750, 800, 800XP, 800 (U-125A), 850XP, 900XP and 1000 aircraft.

The fully certified PPG windshields are available for direct sale to operators.

Mark Hood, PPG Aerospace global director for general aviation transparencies said: “Using HERCULITE II chemically strengthened glass for the outboard ply with acrylic main plies enabled PPG to design a lightweight windshield like the all-acrylic part while enhancing performance to improve expected service life,” Hood said. Also, PPG was able to add SURFACE SEAL hydrophobic coating that affords water shedding for better pilot visibility during wet conditions without the need for wipers.”

PPG is displaying a Hawker 800 windshield on its booth at the NBAA in Las Vegas.