Piaggio Aerospace presents new customer-focused service solutions


Piaggio Avanti EVO

Piaggio Aerospace has a suite of new customer service solutions for its Avanti aircraft family.

The first solution is Forward Wing Care programme, a new optional per-flight-hour programme specifically designed for the Avanti EVO factory-new aircraft. It provides long-term comprehensive airframe maintenance support and expanded parts coverage at competitive rates.

The second is designed for the US market, and is an inventory upgrade for faster delivery in the country. As a wider commitment to strengthening the aftermarket support in the US, an additional inventory is being gradually positioned at Piaggio Aerospace’s parts distribution centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Third is a collaboration with Constant Aviation. This is an additional element to support customers in the US, especially for times when the Avanti aircraft may need maintenance in a location distant from its local service centre.

Piaggio Aerospace and Constant Aviation are working to develop a coordinated aircraft on ground support network. They hope that the network will be in place early next year and will complement the existing Piaggio authorised service centres.

Renato Vaghi, CEO of Piaggio Aerospace, said: “Within a more and more competitive market in business aviation, our primary goal is to continue to put customers first by offering them an ever increasing level of support throughout the in-service life of their P.180 Avanti aircraft. With these new support features, we are keeping up with customers’ and operators’ needs, as well as expanding our existing set of opportunities globally with a focus on the US market.”