Six die in Phenom 100 N100EQ crash


Phenom 100 N100EQ (Photo: Liam Duffy)

Updated at 10:03 UTC 09/812/2014

A 2009-build Embraer Phenom 100 msn 82 / N100EQ crashed during the afternoon of December 8, claiming the lives of all three persons on board.

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The accident happened in daylight, approximately one mile away from Montgomery County Airpark, Maryland.

The aircraft came down in a residential street in Gaithersburg, destroying one house, and seriously damaging two others.

The local fire department later confirmed that three persons in the house that was destroyed also died.

FAA records show that the aircraft was registered to Sage Aviation LLC of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The year 2014 has been a particularly bad year for private jets crashes, with Corporate Jet Investor’s data showing that there has been 11 major incidents, with the loss of 55 lives.