PayNode begins international rollout


Zenith Aviation

PayNode, the business aviation payment solution created by Avinode, has begun its international rollout.

From the end of May brokers and operators will be able to use PayNode in Mexico. The following month the service will be launched in Europe.

Users in the US have been using PayNode since November 2016.

Avinode and majority shareholders MSTS say they developed PayNode to address inefficiencies with the current payment methods.

“We’re excited to be launching PayNode in Mexico and Europe after a very positive response in the United States.” said Magnus Henriksson, global business director, PayNode. “Customers have welcomed the way PayNode overcomes pain points in their businesses: the need to move large sums of money internationally at short notice and to be confident that payment will be received promptly”

Under current industry methods it can take up to 30 days for payments to reach an operator or broker. This can be cut down to one day using PayNode.

The company has also introduced AVCARD as a new way for payments, and will soon launch a wire bank transfer solution.

“Through our low American Express processing rate, PayNode can save users significant sums of money – in some cases tens of thousands of dollars annually. Introducing AVCARD as another payment method will be attractive to many companies and the forthcoming launch of our wire bank transfer solution confirms PayNode as a game-changer for how business aviation payments are made globally” add Henriksson.

PayNode says that AVCARD holders benefit from some of the lowest processing rates when using the card, as well as paying no annual fees.