ONE Aviation release details of Eclipse 550 ‘Canada’


ONE Aviation has added a new version to its Eclipse 550 family. Codenamed Canada, the new aircraft features an increased wingspan and a boost in range over the standard equipped Eclipse 550.

The wing of the Canada has been increased by four foot by adding a new wing section at the root. This increases the wing area by 13%, allowing higher fuel loading. The tip tanks at the end of the wings have been replaced, with small winglets taking their place.

The engines for the Canada have also been upgraded, with the jump from Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610s to PW615s bringing a 190lb increase in thrust.

Combined with aerodynamic changes, the Canada will require 24% less runway to takeoff or land on. Approach and landing speeds remain roughly the same.

The $3.495 million Canada is expected to fly for the first time in 2018 with certification following a year later.

To get one clients will have to put down a $100,000 escrow deposit, with ONE Aviation saying that if they miss the certification date they will refund the deposit.