New Albinati ad takes the aircraft out of the jet


A new advertising campaign by Switzerland-based private jet operator Albinati Aeronautics is focusing on the additional benefits of flying on a private jet, rather than just being able to travel between destinations.

The adverts distance themselves from the traditional image of private jet usage being part of the champagne lifestyle.

Instead, the adverts focus on the additional time available to spend with family, and on the ability to still be able to carry out business whilst on board.

One of the advert tagline reads: “It’s not only a jet. It’s two more hours with your family”.

“Because we offer a bespoke service to all our clients, we wanted to forge a different path from that of the other actors in our field,” said Stefano Albinati, founder and CEO of Albinati Aeronautics.

Currently Albinati Aeronautics has a fleet of over 25 business jets, including over 10 Bombardier Global family aircraft.